A great Passion for Shoes, a long Family Tradition in the Footwear Industry, a huge experience collected cooperating with several international Brands and Projects in the last 30 years, make Our Company very Dynamic and fast-growing, a real strategic asset to catch new business opportunities and compete at international level.


Our Aim is to empower our Brands Portfolio in order to offer new Business Opportunities to our International Clients. Clear vision and precise Brands and Partner Cluster Segmentations are key-factors of our business model. Emea Markets have been always our First Focus in terms of Business, now  in order to compete globally, we are ready to expand & collect new business opportunities overseas, structuring and enforcing our Organization.


Our Mission starts considering our Clients as Strategic Partners. This Evalutation is relevant in order to satisfy their expectations first. Starting from this key point, We are able to settle our Company Organization in order to empower their business, offering a Wide and Complete Brands Portolio that can match their needs and new upcoming ones, always providing New Brands & New Footwear Collections very innovative, trendy, and well-balanced in terms of value & quality. 


Vertical Organization, Dynamic  & High Skilled & Professional Team, Deep Know-How of Product, Reliability and Efficiency on the whole Footwear Production Flow, are Strategic Pillars for Our Company.
These Factors allow us to be a good Player in the Footwear Business for all our Clients and Potential ones.